Please note this information is from the 2018 event although the dates are correct for 2019.
Please return 3-4 weeks prior to the event when we post information for the 2019 event.

Tattoo Artist Wild Bill’s
Rare Cushman Truckster

Car collector and tattoo artist Wild Bill and his lovely Roxanne will be showing their rare and unique
 Cushman at this year’s Pacific Coast Dream Machine Show, April 28 from
 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Half Moon Bay Airport.

Wild Bill's Cushman Truckster

The Cushman Truckster Model 782 was produced in Lincoln, Nebraska from 1954 to 1955. Small and light duty, they have been used from farm and stadium maintenance to ice cream sales. They were even used by the NYPD for parking enforcement! 

The 1954 Truckster is powered by a 4-Stroke, 18 horse power engine and has a shaft drive, rear differential with leaf springs with a pay load of 600-pounds. It is equipped with a foot clutch, and a brake and gas pedal so it drives like a car.

"We take cars to over 30 shows a year and the Dream Machines Show is by far my favorite. If you plan to go to only one car show this year, this is the one to go to! No telling what you will see there and Half Moon Bay is just spectacular at this time of year,” said Wild Bill.

Wild Bill started collecting cars 36 years ago with a Model-T Speedster and now has a garage full of specialty cars including a 1964 Amphicar, 1932 Ford Phaeton with a matching mini, a 1954 Porsche Spyder, 1959 Messerschmitt, 1959 Nash Metropolitan (with a 15’ flame thrower), 1966 shortened flame throwing VW Bus and matching mini, 1972 three wheeled Freeway with matching Trailer, 1932 Ford Phaeton with matching mini, 1999 Chevy flat-bed car hauler, 2002 Panoz AIV Roadster, 2005 Panoz Esperante, 2017 Lincoln MKX, 3-wheel 1963 B&Z Electra King, 1966 Harley-Davidson with sidecar, a 2/3 size Bobber, 1954 Cushman Truckster with matching trailer, 1915 Model T-Ford Speedster with a matching mini, 2006 ZAP Micro Car and four mini-bikes.

Wild Bill's annual tattoo-a-thon benefit 2017

Wild Bill’s Tattoo shop has been located in downtown Roseville, CA for over 40 years, with a staff of ten artists. Every year the artists at Wild Bill’s shop host a “Tattoo-A-Thon” benefiting the UC Davis Children's Hospital. 

More than 25 volunteer tattoo artists contribute their entire wages for the day, including tips. To date they have raised over $200,000 for the hospital’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at the hospital. “The hospital named part of the new wing after the Tattoo Shop, what an honor!” said Bill. The Tattoo-A-Thon is held annually on the last Saturday in February.

Bill and Roxanne’s garage now has 19 vehicles in it. To check out their amazing collection, visit and click on Bill’s garage.

Pacific Coast Dream Machines

The Coolest Show on Earth
April 28, 2019 10am to 4pm
Half Moon Bay (CA) Airport