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"The Coolest Show on Earth"
April 29, 2018 10am to 4pm
Half Moon Bay (CA) Airport
Nebulous Theorem Streamliners by the Jack Costella team

Jack Costella’s Nebulous Theorem Streamliners: Supersonic Speed Machines

Jack Costella is one of those guys that you have to meet to believe.

“Perfection is an excuse to not get anything done.” – Jack Costella

He designs tiny ground effects streamliners that shatter records everywhere they run.

His work inspires all involved in the world of land speed machines.

Costella bases his unique designs on what he calls his Nebulous Theorem which simply explained means Do your own thing and not what the other guys are doing.

“I build my cars by the five “L’s”–long, low, little, light and languid like Nicole Kidman, and they need to be beautiful too. I try to get my cars to fly on the ground, trying not to touch the ground. I try to optimize the aero package by creating a small picture.

The Costella team is one of the most successful of all the vehicles running at Bonneville for the last 20 years.  

The team has set over 100 National and International land speed records. 

They’re showing four of their super sleek streamliners to the Pacific Coast Dream Machines Show, April 29 at Half Moon Bay Airport.

5050 Nebulous Theorem IV
#5050 Nebulous Theorem IV

6060 Nebulous Theorem V
#6060 Nebulous Theorem VI

8080 Nebulous Theorem VII
#8080 Nebulous Theorem VII

8282 Nebulous Theorem XI
#8282 Nebulous Theorem XI

These sleek machines and the drivers will be present to answer any questions and talk with fans about their streamliners and what it takes to compete in lands peed racing.  

The Nebulous Theorem streamliners to be on display include:

#5050 Nebulous Theorem IV – Jack and Keiko Costella – a motorcycle streamliner, top speed 208 mph, two International records and 16 national records.

#6060 Nebulous Theorem V – Costella /Dennee – Michele Brading driver, 500cc, 8 records, top speed 181 mph.

#8080 Nebulous Theorem VII – Costella /Cunha/Bassano – Tim Cunha driver, 750cc, top speed 218 mph, 18 records.

#8282 Nebulous Theorem XI – Costella/Hoogerhyde 1000cc Lakester – El Mirage 2015 points Champion and  holder of  7 El Mirage records  both gas and fuel. Driven by Jim Hoogerhyde who also owns and has built the Suzuki GSXR engines.

Learn more about the legend of Jack Costella at www.jackcostella.com.



Half Moon Bay Airport
Half Moon Bay, California

April 29, 2018
10am – 4pm