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"The Coolest Show on Earth"
April 29, 2018 10am to 4pm
Half Moon Bay (CA) Airport

Bob Senz’ Big Cacklefest Debuts

Cacklefest is a term coined to define the cackling and crackling of mighty engines as they reach full power, sometimes with powerful additives like notromethane. They hiss, cackle, spit fire, noise and smoke into the air as fearsome as any mythical dragon of old.

Bob Senz' Big Cacklefest

Bob Senz' Big Cacklefest

Cacklefests originated in the late 1990s at NHRA California Hot Rod Reunion races. On hand were some of the famous dragsters, some original and others that were restored, that took fans back to the early years of drag racing. Many of these cars came from the renowned collection of the NHRA Motorsports Museum. All throughout the meet, these cars were fired up and belched nitro smoke into the admiring crowds, and thunderous noise that brought mobs of people running to where the action was.

At this year's Pacific Coast Dream Machines Show, April 29 at Half Moon Bay Airport, we're kicking off Bob Senz' Big Cacklefest, a mass synchronized firing up of the engines and belching of smoke and thunderous noise from all the motorized mechanical marvels on display at 10am, 12pm and 2pm, named for our show's amazing, very active founder and visionary, community pillar and wonderfully genuine man, Bob Senz, who still greets every participant as they roll in through the gates.

It’s fitting. Half Moon Bay Airport, where the Dream Machines Show is held, was the site of the legendary Half Moon Bay Drag Strip from 1957 through the 1960s. The dragstrip hosted every big name in the sport of drag racing. In 1968, the dragstrip was sold and closed shortly thereafter.

The cacophony of noise is part of what makes Dream Machines such a uniquely iconic and beloved event!

Thank you Bob Senz for all you have done in creating what has grown into one of California’s most beloved and unique events!


Half Moon Bay Airport
Half Moon Bay, California

April 29, 2018
10am – 4pm