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Alef: Developing The World’s First Real Flying Car

A Special New Pacific Coast Dream Machines Show Attraction

Alef is a California-based sustainable electric transportation company developing the world’s first real flying car, a road-legal passenger car capable of achieving vertical takeoff and forward flight.

Their genius team will be showcasing their full scale prototype as the inaugural exhibitor in a special “Machines of Tomorrow” display at the year's Pacific Coast Dream Machines Show, Sunday, April 28 at Half Moon Bay Airport.

Alef Flying Car At October 19 2022 Unveiling With Logo Above
Alef Model A Closed Doors
Ale Model A Open Doors

Alef’s goal is to enable faster, easier, environment-friendly commutes and alleviate the burden of urban congestion thanks to proprietary technology that elevates the vehicle safely, quietly, and environment-friendly above everyday traffic.

In 2022, Alef revealed their full scale flying prototypes and production mock-up for a new class of flying vehicle they aim to make the first true flying car.

The vehicle consists of a passenger compartment inside a box-wing biplane frame. There is no bottom, other than structural elements, and the top is a mesh to protect people from the blades of the 8 rotors which are inside the box. Also at the center of the box is a 2-seat passenger compartment, which is articulated so it can rotate with 2 degrees of freedom.

The vehicle also features 4 wheels with hub motors (the mock-up has standard car wheels but the eventual vehicle will probably have smaller and lighter wheels.) The initial vehicle will be expensive at $300,000 and be battery-electric with a flying range of around 110 miles. Alef plans to ship that vehicle in 2025, but in the 2030s they plan to make a $35,000 vehicle once they go to scale.

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APRIL 28, 2024 - 10am to 4pm
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