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The All-World, High-Flying FitzArmy RockStar Metal Mulisha FMX Team Returns

First Ever FMX Performance in NorCal on an Electric Motocross Bike

Ready to see the biggest names and the sickest, back-flipping, high-flying, mind-blowing tricks in the wild and crazy FMX universe?

Three (3) 20-minute FMX stunt shows will be held at 11:30 am, 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm.
freestyle motocross stunt shows
Photo: Bradley Wittke, official event photographer for Miramar Events.

Catch the uniquely amazing daredevils that are the FitzArmy RockStar Metal Mulisha freestyle motocross team, headlining the action sports program at this year’s Pacific Coast Dream Machines Show, April 28 at Half Moon Bay Airport.

For the uninitiated, freestyle motocross, aka FMX, is like Olympic freestyle snowboarding. Except there are wheels. And a gas-powered engine. And sometimes the rider is on fire. On purpose.

This year’s FMX show features a rider/performer, Dustin “Whacker” Nowak, using an electric motocross bike, first ever used for a show in Northern California.

He’ll be soaring over 80-feet through the air – performing amazing maneuvers – on his silent but potent electric motocross bike. 

Dustin is from Mammoth Lakes, CA and rides an Alta electric motorcycle, a single gear design.  He is the first rider in history to back flip with an electric bike on a regulation (full size) ramp. 

Returning this year are some of the biggest names on the FMX scene – FitzArmy leader Jimmy Fitzpatrick along with Metal Mulisha’s Cal Vallone and Destin Cantrell, a former Gold medal winner at the X Games.

Asked what it takes to become the kind of rider who can boldly execute a 360° back flip on a full-sized hunk of metal and motor, John Borba of WGAS Motorsports, producer of the FMX shows, laughs. “You need the memory of an elephant, the body control and fitness of an Olympic gymnast, and, finally, the stones of a bull rider….oh yeah, it doesn’t hurt to be young and fearless.”

"Every one of these riders has something unique and spectacular to offer," Borba said. "So make sure to bring your cellphone, cameras to capture the magic."

Three (3) 20-minute FMX stunt shows will be held at 11:30 am, 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm. 

freestyle motocross Dustin Nowak

Dustin "Whacker" Nowak

Dustin "Wacker" Nowak grew up riding BMX, beginning at age 2. With BMX he won multiple state championships and hit the top ten national rankings. He soon harvested his hobby into a passion at age 17 when he started hitting the ramps. He has been a professional FMX rider for 13 years now and is known as one of the most entertaining riders to watch in the world. Not only is he known for his talent on the bike, but also for his style and humor.

freestyle motocross Destin Cantrell

Destin Cantrell

Born into a family with a passion for riding motorcycles, one would suspect that Destin Cantrell would acquire a love for the sport as well. Sure enough, Destin took to riding as a youngster and has never looked back since. In fact, Destin began competing at a young age. After about ten years of racing had the opportunity to jump a ramp, and was immediately hooked. Shortly thereafter the fifteen year-old had sponsors and was on his way in the sport of freestyle. Recalling watching these sports as a youngster, he said, "I thought it would be so cool to try it one day. I grew up racing, but just found jumping and doing tricks came a little easier and a lot more fun" stated Cantrell. When asked what he enjoyed most about freestyle, the rider continued, "Going out and practicing new tricks, and the feeling of floating off the bike."

freestyle motocross Jimmy Fitzpatrick

Jimmy Fitzpatrick

Explaining Jimmy Fitzpatrick in a few words would be nearly impossible. Dirt bikes came into his life during family trips to the desert, primarily Ocotillo Wells. In his younger years Fitz was on a different direction of sports, taking on Aquatic High Diving. Once his family moved to a 54 acre vineyard propriety in Temecula, he turned his skills from flipping into water over to flipping a dirt bike onto dirt. Brian Deegan, Twitch, Larry Linkogle, Todd Potter and the rest of the Mulisha crew began to build jumps over at Fitzpatrick’s propriety. Fitz entered the Spike Camp Crusty Demon Reality Show and ended up claiming the title as the winner. Fitz than became a member of the Metal Mulisha family and has been riding ever since! He has taken on Freestyle demos all around the world making a name for himself and some of the biggest KOD flips in the action sports industry. Fitzpatrick also has quite a wrap sheet of accomplishments from all the contest and debuts he has entered to starting his own line team called Fitz Army.

freestyle motocross Cal Valone

Cal Vallone

Cal Vallone is a 25 year old hailing from the FMX heartland of Temecula, CA. Recruited by Metal Mulisha OG Jimmy Fitzpatrick, Cal has started to really make a name for himself in 2016. Check him out on tour in 2017!

Pacific Coast Dream Machines

The Coolest Show on Earth
April 28, 2019 10am to 4pm
Half Moon Bay (CA) Airport