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"The Coolest Show on Earth"
April 30, 2017 10am to 4pm
Half Moon Bay (CA) Airport
freestyle motocross show at the Pacific Coast Dream Machines event

Electrifying Freestyle Motocross Ignites the Crowds

You know you’ve made it when you can turn the beautiful blonde head of supermodel Heidi Klum. And the bald head of super comedian Howie Mandel.

That’s exactly what happened for freestyle motocross (FMX) rider Jimmy Fitzpatrick last season on “America’s Got Talent.”

Fitzpatrick made the entire nation utter a collective gasp when he appeared on the show alongside his FitzArmy/Metal Mulisha freestyle motocross team members. And the judges went crazy! After they finished gasping and clutching their hands to their chests, that is.

Anyone who attended last year’s Pacific Coast Dream Machines totally gets it.

freestyle motocross 1 2015
Don’t even think about missing the daring jumps, unreal twists, mind-blowing back flips and monster air at the FMX shows. Photo: Bradley Wittke, official event photographer for Miramar Events.

What these guys do is sick. Insane. Awesome. Unreal. They are the arsonists of the air, for whom flipping skyward…while on fire…while riding a gas-powered motorcycle…Well, it’s all just a day at the office.

And they’re back it this year, for this year’s Pacific Coast Dream Machines Show, April 30 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Half Moon Bay Airport.

This show is guaranteed to spike your adrenaline like an IV drip of pure caffeine.

freestyle motocross demo
Photo: Bradley Wittke, official event photographer for Miramar Events.

Like “America’s Got Talent,” the rest of the world is catching on to what Pacific Coast Dream Machines has known all along.

Microsoft, for example, recently filmed the crew flying through the air for a TV ad promoting the newest Surface.

And this spring, Metal Mulisha will appear on an episode of “Jay Leno’s Garage.”

Okay, yeah, you can see them on TV. But there’s nothing like seeing this amazing group of daredevil athletes in person at this year’s Dream Machines.

You’ll find them pretty easily. Just look for the flames.



Half Moon Bay Airport
Half Moon Bay, California

April 30, 2017
10am – 4pm