fascinating antique tractors

Antique Tractors

Antique Tractor Collectors Host a Special Display
Tractor historian Rod Hisken, co-chairman of the annual Vintage Tractor Days in Oregon House, CA, is organizing a special display of restored antique tractors for this year's Pacific Coast Dream Machines Show, April 27 at Half Moon Bay Airport.

Dynojet dynamometer

Dynojet Dynamometer

As a motorcycle racer, Kevin Murray spent years looking for that extra edge. These days, he’s all about helping others find their own edge with his mobile Dynojet dynamometer. This supremely sophisticated diagnostic tool is designed to get the best performance from a race car, a motorcycle, and even the vehicle you use for grocery shopping.

world record hydroplane

World Record Hydroplane

The Western Mag Special: A Need for Speed

David Fullington likes to water ski with his boat. He likes to relax with a good book on his boat. He likes to share family time on his boat. And he loves…to go really fast with his boat. Really, really fast.

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